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Introducing Wave Dry -- a "Clean Tech" company.

Wave Dry is the provider of a unique form of "green" technology, or "clean tech." We are dedicated to providing new technologies that address the growing environmental challenges to our planet.

Our primary focus is pulse drying -- a "cousin" to spray drying. However, unlike spray drying, pulse drying is much more energy efficient (one of pulse drying's many benefits). Luckily, we can retrofit one of our pulse dryers onto an existing spray dryer. Even the "downstream" equipment remains unchanged (drying chamber, cyclone, bag house, etc.). So, not only will your original capital investment be preserved, but your powders will now be transformed -- enabling you to create products that will out-perform your competitors.

Wave Dry makes the world's most efficient industrial drying engines. Our proprietary pulse drying system is revolutionary and applies to dozens of industries. Pulse drying can help you create better products -- more durable, better quality, less expensive, and faster to produce. Call or email us! We are ready to enhance your products and benefit your customers through our innovative technology.

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