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Corporate Office:
5 Mohawk Ave.
Corte Madera, CA 94925

CEO & Chief Engineer
Rob States, M.S.3, P.E.
(415) 927-2739


  • CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - Process and equipment design for chemical systems. Combustion: Incinerator design, flame stability, emission control, and internal vessel flow. Evaporation: Spray dryers, pulse dryers, atomization, and impingement drying. Kinetics: Chemical reaction control in liquid, gas, and mulit-phase processes.

  • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - Design and analysis of mechanical systems. Computer modeling of solids, liquids, gasses, and fluid interaction (ADINA, FLUENT). Statics: Stress, failure prediction, fatigue, pressure vessels, and elastic instability. Dynamics: Kinematics, vibration abatement, rotating frames, and wave propagation. Heat transfer: Conduction, convection, non-steady flow, and radiative transfer (COSMOS). Specialist in designing machines for unusual thermodynamic process optimization. CAD/CAM/SolidWorks expert in machine shops, sheet metal, welding, and fabrication.

  • CONTROLS ENGINEERING - Servo, circuit, panel, and software design. Ladder: Programming, modification, tuning, and documentation. PID: Design, programming, decoupling, and tuning of control loops. Adaptive, observable, finite state, and stochastic controller experience. Software expert in FORTRAN, BASIC, FORTH, and MS operating systems.


MIT - M.S. Mechanical Engineering ('81), Random Vibrations and Rotating Systems
MIT - M.S. Business Administration ('81), Information Systems and Management
Univ. of Colo. - M.S. Aerospace Engineering ('75), Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Modeling

CERTIFICATION: P.E. - 8047 (Kansas), 29167 (California)

Director of Marketing & Sales
John A. "JAK" Keeran
(415) 503-7197


  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Built reputation for delivering complex systems "on-time" and "on-budget". Systems included multi-phase, multi-version, and multi-location deliveries and implementations.

  • MARKETING & SALES - Noted for people skills and creative problem-solving, has worked in telecommunications, manufacturing, and real estate. Also an author who has given numerous presentations and seminars as well as created on-air radio features.

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